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Aluminium - 5251 grade


8 Vector2 Locks with keys


Gas struts -

2 in the top locker to hold the door up when in use,

2 in the in the bottom locker to hold the door open flat, this allows the door to be used as a surface when open


Suzie/air line section


Inside the drivers side locker (Optional) - Clothing rail and air vents


Concealed hinges


Detachable door

(Our lift off hinges make it simple for you to remove the door when needing to do so)


Opening has a 55mm lip/double fold for added strength and durability with rubber seal attached, Decreases the aperture by 110mm (total) in length and height but still having the ability to use the space inside, This also acts as a rain soakaway


Lightweight, Weatherproof, Durabel


Manufactured in the UK


For additional options including brackets, struts and chains please see our parts & accessories section


Made to measure options available

L2095 X H1880 X D300 Plain Aluminium Toolbox - Rear of cab module

Artikelnummer: AGRCM20951880300
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